Thursday, 14 October 2010

The £Poundland Camera

I went to a festival. It was GreenMan Festival. It was in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. It was wicked. The bloody nicest festival I ever did go to. After years of being a die-hard Leeds Festival fan, I will never again return to such an uncivilised affair. Who wants to be surrounded by fans of Guns n Roses pissing into plastic cups when you stand in a valley and watch The Flaming Lips' front man Wayne Coyne singing on the shoulders of a giant bear?
Yes GreenMan, you officially converted me.
So it was in August. & the forecast was rain. & it rained. A lot.
Luckily I decided to go all-out in preparation for the weather and buy a camera from Poundland. Yes, a camera which costs a pound. £1. Yes. £1.
And, well... these are the results.
Not bad eh?

Monday, 11 October 2010

I gots myself a Nikon!

So this was my very first day with my new camera. It was a while back. It was sunny. I was feeling gay. So I trotted outside & took pictures of cool things in Manchester. It then rained for about 6 weeks straight. Blue sky is a rare thing.


Second blog. Erm.... Here are some pictures. I took 'em. Yay!
So I guess what we have here is a wee selection of my favourites over the past few years.
These were snapped in many places around the world. San Francisco & Berlin & Melbourne to name a few. & sunny Manchester of course. There you go.